Friday, May 25, 2007

2 More Chicago Screenings at Fim Center

Our thanks to the Gene Siskel Film Center!
Be sure to catch the screenings:
Saturday, June 9 @8pm
Tuesday, June 12@8pm

Check out what they wrote about the film:
Boasting a dash of Tarantino verve and a heaping helping of Chicago filmmaker Sugano’s (HISAO, SUPER KAMADA) dry humor, SECOND MOON is shot entirely in Chicago with a cast of homegrown actors. Dubbed a “neo-Yakuza romantic farce” by the director, this debut feature follows the increasingly absurd adventures of Q (Ing), an agent for “Art of Love,” a clandestine organization that contracts adulterous trysts for lovelorn suburban housewives. Requests from the many turnaways at the film’s sold-out screening in April prompted this encore engagement.

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