Friday, April 06, 2007

Reflections on the Chicago Asian American Showcase

The Chicago Asian American Showcase and I go long way. We have had a relationship since my first student film "Hisao". They took me under their wings ever since and screened pretty much all of my films. They've been a great support. So this has been especially a great honor for me to present Second Moon as part of FAAIM for its U.S. premiere. During one of their earlier festivals in the 90s, I had a chance to watch a feature that was directed by this Japanese guy who came to the states as a student, just like me. It was a piece of crap. Back in those days, there were many bad features made by Asian Americans. Judging from the programs of recent festivals, I can really say we have come a long way. I remember thinking, while having a very pleasant conversation with this Japanese director after the screening, how I could kick his ass any time and how he was insulting my art. I couldn't wait to show to the world how much better my feature would be compared to his piece of crap. Now that I did finish my first feature, I am scared if I did the right thing. After the screening during the Q&A, I caught myself thinking, my goodness, I hope I did not inspire younger Asian artists and filmmakers in the same way. Arrogance has a way of catching up with people, you know. But honestly, I would rather present my film to a generation of younger Asian American filmmakers who think they can kick my ass anytime, and can't wait to prove it. That's how we get better as a whole. I truly believe it.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Second Moon Rising

Giles Morris does a little write up about Second Moon on his blog.

I had forgotten that he interviewed me for this write up. He had asked my why I wanted to do a "serious farce." I had forgotten I had said the following:

I'm a very serious guy and sometimes it makes people crack up. The more serious something is, the more tragic, the more funny it has to be. I didn't study how to make farce, I just thought about it in terms of the rhythm and pacing of the movie. You do a serious scene, then you need a funny one, something with out of nowhere humor. It's a reflection of how I am.

Other highlights from his write up include:

Perhaps the greatest success of his film is that it creates a lush and coherent visual language that is its own, but Kubrick's influence is clear enough in the slow, uneasy pacing, the way sound and vision heighten the character drama so that the audience feels the rank tension of cheating in their shoulders.

The real miracle of Second Moon is that it is at one time incredibly thought provoking and also ridiculous. It is absurd and also conventional.

A pretty good review if you ask me. Read the full review here.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Chicago Premiere: April 4, 2007 at Gene Siskel Film Center

Finally...the day chicagoan's have been waiting for. Come and check out Second Moon's hometown debut: Wednesday April 4, 2007. We are on at 7:45pm after Justin Lin's new feature: Finishing the Game. Tell your mama and your papa and their mamas and papas and other next of kin.