Friday, April 06, 2007

Reflections on the Chicago Asian American Showcase

The Chicago Asian American Showcase and I go long way. We have had a relationship since my first student film "Hisao". They took me under their wings ever since and screened pretty much all of my films. They've been a great support. So this has been especially a great honor for me to present Second Moon as part of FAAIM for its U.S. premiere. During one of their earlier festivals in the 90s, I had a chance to watch a feature that was directed by this Japanese guy who came to the states as a student, just like me. It was a piece of crap. Back in those days, there were many bad features made by Asian Americans. Judging from the programs of recent festivals, I can really say we have come a long way. I remember thinking, while having a very pleasant conversation with this Japanese director after the screening, how I could kick his ass any time and how he was insulting my art. I couldn't wait to show to the world how much better my feature would be compared to his piece of crap. Now that I did finish my first feature, I am scared if I did the right thing. After the screening during the Q&A, I caught myself thinking, my goodness, I hope I did not inspire younger Asian artists and filmmakers in the same way. Arrogance has a way of catching up with people, you know. But honestly, I would rather present my film to a generation of younger Asian American filmmakers who think they can kick my ass anytime, and can't wait to prove it. That's how we get better as a whole. I truly believe it.

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