Thursday, June 07, 2007

Chicago Tribune gives us 3 Stars!!!

Take that Ocean's Thirteen!!! They only got 1.5 stars and we scored a whopping 3 stars from Tribune writer Michael Phillips. So folks come out and see Second Moon at the Film Center this weekend! This is also the second time I got compared to Tarantino. We all know he borrowed his skills from Asian folks! After all he is from Torrance.

Here's what the Chicago Tribune said:
Shot in Chicago, writer-director-editor Sugano’s stylish oddity plays like someone in the projection booth mistakenly ran simultaneous prints of films by Wong Kar-wai, Quentin Tarantino and Hal Hartley. Andre Ing portrays Q, an agent of a shadowy organizations called Art of Love, which encourages free and open sexual relationships and demands of its staff only that they never, ever let a woman sleep over. Or cook for them. Then Q meets M (Jennifer Shin), a Korean national whose old school subservience makes Q rethink his modus operandi. It’s a bit coy, but Sugano and cinematographer James B. Heck have a gift for composition and color. And Shin is very good.

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